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Eco Earth City Guide

Welcome to Eco Earth City Guide, your local community resource guide for sustainable living in Santa Barbara County. We list local businesses, sustainable products and offer tips on composting, organic gardening, and sustainable seasonal recipes.

We are a Santa Barbara Green Business. Our Sustainable Resources are vital to our global future. We are here to educate and to give you an alternative resource to sustainable living.


Sustainability according to the EPA "is a synergy between business and the environment". By choosing a sustainable lifestyle you are choosing a less invasive impact on the planet. We have a comprehensive resource guide for sustainable choices.

By choosing sustainable products and produce you are supporting farmers and businesses that practice sustainable methods. Sustainable methods do not harm animals, nor the environment. It is important that the farm or products are made in a sustainable method.

10 Ways to be sustainable right now:

1. Eat Organic
2. Choose Local
3. Plant a Garden
4. Ride your Bike More and Use Your Car Less.
5. Shop at your Farmers Market
6. Support Restaurants that choose Locally Grown Food
7. Avoid GMO (Gennetically Modified Organisms)
8. Compost your Food
9. Buy Seasonal Food
10. Share your Passion!



Organic is a term for products and food in regards of production. Organic foods do not have pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides. Buy choosing organic there is less damage to the environment because there is more thought that goes into farming such as the soil quality, the ecosystem, and the plants.

Buying Local

Buying local is a growing trend in which the community makes purchases in their local region. The idea is to support local farmers and businesses thus circulating the money within our own community. We reinvest our dollars in our environment, economy, and our community.

The great news is that most local farmers understand crop rotation and offer more diverse varieties while sustaining fertile soil thus producing healthier produce.

Eco Earth City Guide is based on the principles of sustainability. By simple actions and eco-conscious discerning purchases we can make a big impact globally by living sustainably locally. We support the inspiration and the implementation of sustainability in the local community and local organizations.


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Eco Earth City Guide is a comprehensive online guide to sustainable restaurants, markets, shopping, and professional green services. This website features the profiles of hundreds of Santa Barbara green companies for your consideration.

Eco Earth City Guide is a local resource for central coast sustainable living. We are a Santa Barbara green directory. So what exactly is sustainable living Santa Barbara style? A sustainable lifestyle helps the environment while reducing your carbon footprint.

Southern California green living includes local farmers markets, restaurants, a local calendar, recycling locations and more! If you're looking for a SB green guide, you've come to the right website. Sustainable living Santa Barbara style is truly what sets us apart from our competition. We are shabby green chic! Our Santa Barbara Green Directory connects you with organic businesses, services, events, and news.

Southern California green living is for people who are passionate about the environment and are willing to make changes that matter. Central coast sustainable living offers positive solutions to environmental challenges we now face. Our SB green guide includes sustainable busines


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